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How to pack the beach suitcase without filling it from How to pack it without filling it with “just in case”: this is the definitive checklist. At Money Clothing, we have up to 70% off on basics to wear in summer. Use the Money Clothing discount code.

Packing a suitcase to go on vacation shouldn’t be any drama or give us too many problems or headaches. The reality is that a few days of relaxation, fun, and carefree await us, so you owe it to yourself to prepare your suitcase. Take as a lesser evil. We give you some tips to prepare the perfect suitcase for your summer vacation at the beach in the Blue Sea Holidays. Get up to 40% off Selected Stays with the Blue Sea Holidays discount code.

Gear up and pack your bags for beach holidays 

How many days we go on vacation is not the same as going a week than a month. Is it the climate of the chosen place? In general, know what we will do there: excursions in the mountains, beach, and outings to dinner. Please do not take huge baggage; otherwise, it is essential. Make a list a week. Write down everything you need, and it comes to your mind. Check the Foot Locker discount code and Money Clothing discount code for all the fashion and footwear essentials for incredible markdowns.

15 Tips for packing according to your vacation destination

Clothes and accessories should not be missing in your suitcase for the beach. The winter holidays are approaching, and surely many of you take the opportunity to make a getaway these days. Winter is difficult to wear because temperatures fluctuate a lot from morning to night, so you have to choose the clothes you carry in your suitcase very well. Do not miss the tips that we bring you in today’s post to make the perfect luggage, thanks to the signatures of the Money Clothing. Do not miss the $30 off $300 when you use the Money Clothing discount code.

  1. Take a toiletry bag with the bare minimum, both hygiene, and beauty. There are mini containers to fill that occupy very little; you can also use samples. Close the bag tightly and put it in a plastic bag, just in case a bottle opens.
  1. Suppose you are traveling several shares some products. Do not forget the sunscreen, take basic medicines (or if you need one, it is special, do not forget it), and a mini sewing kit.
  1. And we cannot forget the swimsuit, to enjoy if the temperatures allow it. Find a swimsuit and a bikini with the most popular pattern these months, polka dots. We love the swimsuit, with ruffle detail and back tie closure, and the halter bikini with matching sarong to complete your beach look. If you prefer solid tones, choose a green swimsuit with a deep V-neckline or a red one with central drawstring detail.
  2. If you go to a place on the coast, to enjoy days at the beach, the best are long or midi dresses, comfortable to wear over a bathing suit, and elegant to eat in a restaurant by the sea or spend the afternoon on a summer terrace. We propose feminine designs, such as a long striped dress with a V-neckline, open back and side slits a long black jumpsuit with a wide leg, a long coral dress, with a crossover neckline and side slits with detail of multicolored pompoms, or a white shirt-style tunic, light, comfortable and modern.
  1. Choose the most comfortable footwear in various beiges with different textures or a brick-colored braided fabric. We also love sneakers with an anatomical sole and suede cut in mustard color or braided with a sole and seamless detail. In Foot Locker, you will find the most desired footwear of the season. The trend rules and the latest collection add a very chic touch to your look. They are off-road, light, go with everything, and can carry everything you need. Get up to 25% off selected Adidas trainers & sportswear with Foot Locker discount code.
  1. If you are going on a rural getaway, you should pack light jackets, windbreaker style, or raincoats to protect yourself from inclement weather, such as at Money Clothing. We love the water repellent with an adjustable waist or a shorter black with a hidden hood. Save huge on 10% off your order with the Money Clothing discount code.
  1. Find knitwear ideal for a country setting, perfect to combine with jeans and long skirts or dresses. We love a cardigan with front closure with contrasting buttons, a striped sweater with a side button closure on the shoulder, a rustic knitted sweater with matching bands in beige and earth tones, or an oversized tie-dye sweatshirt.
  2. Money Clothing brings us pants to complete your luggage along with jeans. You can’t miss ones with a paper bag waist, or a Chinese-style cargo style with elastic hems or a bell silhouette in light ribbed with a tie-dye print for the most daring.
  1. As footwear, choose casual style boots with a rubber sole, with a synthetic or leather exterior with a waterproof treatment for waterproofing, even with a fur interior in cold weather. We love the designs at Foot Locker that you can find at a discount when you click on the Foot Locker discount code.
  1. For a vacation in the city, you can bring out your trendiest side; take a good look at the temperatures that are going to be done. Wear versatile and suitable clothes for different environments, have lunch or dinner in a restaurant, visit a museum, or walk around the city.
  1. Money Clothing is committed to oversize jackets in basic tones and styles, with or without a belt, frayed hems, contrasting front buttons, or black with studs. They are perfect for long flowing dresses, jeans, or skirts. In short, it is the best option. You can also opt for a short trench coat, the always reinvented trench coat, which is always a success.
  1. Pick the jacket suits, made up of open crossed or flowing long blazers, and slim fit or pleated trousers, to be worn together or separately and checkered or striped, in pastel shades, white, beige, yellow, or the eternal black.
  1. Jeans are the basic garment to create countless urban looks. Find an extensive collection with skinny, mom fit, bell, or slim boyfriend designs with rips. Combine them with a trench coat and sneakers with a denim jacket and ankle boots, a white shirt, mules, or a black off-the-shoulder top and high-heeled sandal for dinner.
  1. Even if you wear sandals, do not hesitate to bet on sneakers, since you need to travel kilometers without getting tired, and they are very cool combined with jacket suits, dresses or jeans. Platform Converse is the favorite of influencers and can be found at Foot Locker. You will also love the Adidas Falcon, daring and the latest, with combined textile in different colors, the Nike Air with an air chamber, ideal for not getting tired on endless days of tourism, or the Puma Platform Bubble elegant in beige split leather. 10% off with Foot Locker discount code is here. 
  1. We recommend comfortable and flexible pajamas to go to sleep, consisting of long-sleeved shirts and printed pants, or shirt-style, with long pants or Capri. You can also choose a “home wear” set, with a striped t-shirt and trousers in soft elastic fabric, perfect for being in the hotel room during rest hours.

How to dress comfortable and beautiful

Do you have a trip to take? Are you planning that dream vacation trip that you deserve so much? If so, you will surely be in the process of preparing your luggage, with a thousand doubts about which is the best clothing to travel by plane. Well, worry no more, here we will tell you which are the most recommended clothes and outfits to make your trip a success.

What is the most comfortable clothing to travel by plane?

The one that makes you feel good, and that you like and that at the same time will make your trip as relaxed as possible. Forget about elaborate garments. Opt for comfortable pants (long or shorts), fresh flannels, comfortable shoes, and of course, a coat.

What are the best clothes for air travel for women?

Women have a lot of options when it comes to choosing the right clothes to travel by plane. Yes, we know that appearance is important, but so is comfort, so that the type of clothing you must select must combine both aspects.

Pay attention to the following tips:

  • Travel comfortably

The first and most important thing is your comfort, especially on long trips. Wear comfortable clothing that is warm but does not interfere with your circulation. Here we can suggest baggy jeans, fabric shorts, leggings, cotton garments, and sports shoes.

  • Avoid overuse of jewelry.

The best thing is that you don’t wear them. If not, you will have to take them off when going through the security check. It also reduces the use of bracelets and chains. The lighter you travel, the better. The best thing is that you select the most comfortable underwear items you have from your wardrobe. Forget overly elaborate lingerie with too many ornaments because it is not suitable for long airplane trips. Instead, opt for cotton ones that are much more comfortable.

  • The looser, the better

Regarding other clothes, we suggest that you prefer them loose and comfortable. Girls should also avoid jeans, especially those that are very tight and tight to the legs. If you can’t or want to stop wearing them, use the most used ones because the fabric will be softer. Although the first option should be baggy pants, avoid the very elaborate ones, skirts, and tight shorts.

  • Cotton, your best friend

Wear flannels, shirts and tops, preferably cotton because it is soft. Flannels can be short or long sleeves, according to your preferences. Don’t forget a sweater or jacket to protect yourself from the cold on the plane.

  • Ditch the heels

Footwear should be as comfortable as possible, so you should discard sandals and heels. The best are sports shoes, some of the well-known dancers or if you prefer a pair of comfortable boots. Take a look at the Footlocker store online. It’s time to save up to 50% off Women’s Canvas and Skate Footwear with the Foot Locker discount code.

Forget all the “just in case.” In the end, you don’t use them.

Are you ready to pack for your next vacation? We are waiting for you for your best purchases with style. One trick is to wear clothes that match each other, so you get more looks with fewer clothes. Another trick is to choose clothes of a maximum of three colors and combine them.

It would be best if you valued these tips for making your trip as pleasant as possible.

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